Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hybrid solar system for mini-grid

UAGES design and install solar and diesel hybrid systems in remote sites. Energy is mainly produced by solar panels, but a generator (5) is used as a back-up in case of bad weather, or over-consumption. Solar panels (1) generate electricity converted by solar inverters (2) and injected into the AC mini-grid. The inverter-chargers (3) are the center of the system. They control the produced and consumed energy. In case of excess of energy, they charge the battery bank (4). In case of lack of energy, they take power from the batteries to power the load. The inverter-chargers constantly ensure the energy balance of the mini-grid.
Remote site networks
UAGES provide hybrid solar system from 2kW to 300 kW, suited to almost all type of energy needs. The systems can be single-phase or three-phase.

II/ Grid connected solar energy

Solar power can be injected into the utility grid. Solar power can be sell in totality to the grid operator or can be consumed directly (this is called self-consumption).
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