Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kenya to build the largest solar Plant

Chinese firms have partnered with the Kenyan government to build the largest solar plant ever seen in Kenya. The firms, China Jiangxi Corporation for International Economic & Technical Co, Ltd. (CJIC) and the manufacturers of the Chinese photovoltaic (PV) JinkoSolar Holdings  have come together to build the 50 MW solar plant in Kenya.
The solar power facility is expected to be the largest solar power plant connected to a grid in the country and will be built on a 200 acre piece of land in Garissa County, North Eastern Kenya.
The plant is expected to produce about 76,470 MWH per year while contributing to reduced carbon emissions by 54, 190 tons per annum and reducing coal consumption by 24,470 tons per year.
With its arid climate and a wide piece of land mass under desert conditions, Garissa is geographically fit for harvesting solar power.
Under the construction agreement, the NYSE listed JinkoSolar will provide technical support needed for the project who are also preferred by CJIC to supply modules.

JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd, one of the most reputable PV manufacturers, has been involved in various solar plant construction projects around the world. In 2011 it was awarded a tender to Power 14MW in Solar Installations in the United Kingdom and to supply 81 MW of PV modules in South Africa. In 2011, it recorded a capacity of 1.2 GW using a vertically integrated model that produces quality wafers, cells and mono- and multi-crystalline PV panels. The high quality of its products has made it to gain the confidence of customers around the world. With its headquarters in Pudong, Shanghai, this solar company employs over 10, 000 professionals in its factories in Jiangxi and Haining. It has international presence with establishments in Europe and US.
“Through cooperation with JinkoSolar, we hope to build a long-term relationship to harness our unique advantages and open a new chapter for the construction of PV power plants in Africa,” said Guojian Xu, CJIC’s general manager.
The corporation of the two companies during this construction project is expected to provide both companies with future opportunities in the Kenyan solar power plant industry.
However, the time frame and the expected cost of the project is not yet in the public domain. We will continue to inform you on any information that comes in concerning this project.
This project is timely Kenya is actively seeking for other sources of power to supplement the unreliable hydro-power and the expensive thermal power generated by diesel.

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